2018 has been a difficult year for the Bradley and Pennell families. Tragically in January they lost Dominic Bradley (53) to cancer. Dominic is survived by his wife Cindy and his 2 children Mitchell, and Kayla Lee and her husband Tyler, his parents and his brothers and sister. Then in July they lost, Dominic’s wife, Cindy’s youngest brother, Kevin Pennell (43). Kevin is survived by his 4 children Lachlan, Tom, Natalia and James, his parents, his sister and brothers.

Dominic and Kevin were 2 of the kindest and biggest hearted people you could ever meet and would do anything and everything to help those that they could. Their kindness, thoughtfulness and most of all their presence will be forever missed, by both family and friends. They both were strong, staunch and proud men. Though none of these characteristics can protect us from our journey ending. So, this brings us to our topic, which is, MENS HEALTH and MENTAL HEALTH. Not enough is done or spoken about by men or the wider community, so we’d like to help start the conversation.

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